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My entire career has been focused on effective graphic communication using traditional and digital media. My primary interests are 2D and 3D photo realistic illustration, 3D modeling, animation and digital multimedia. I have produced  creative visualizations of a wide range of concepts including branding and marketing new and existing product lines, graphic design for the web, print and presentation, architectural presentation renderings, full walk-thru videos, animating flying logos and 3D special effects.

Recap of my professional work;

From 1983 to 1985 I was Senior Exhibit Designer at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, where I designed the first "Dinosaurs at OMSI" show that broke every attendance record at the museum. I also designed the Space Medicine exhibit hall and the traveling exhibit "Millions" featuring many interactive kiosks. I was responsible for coordinating all the planning, design, construction and installation of the exhibits.

My position from 1985 to 1987 was as Computer Graphics Production Manager at Media West where I created thousands of 35mm computer graphic slides for customer presentations all over the Northwest. One of the shows I produced was the 35mm slide presentation where Microsoft's Bill Gates introduced the CD-ROM format and associated Microsoft multimedia plans to the world in 1985.

Robert Ebert is the founder of VirtualDesign.Com

The company was started in 1988 as Computer Tools, Inc and focused on building and selling our CyberGrafx branded line of Intel/Windows based PC graphic workstations. After growing to a staff of fourteen, it was re-organized in 1997 as VirtualDesign.Com, a full service digital design studio and pre-press image-setting service bureau utilizing Windows/Intel technology.

Noteworthy projects produced by Robert Ebert as Owner and Creative Director of Computer Tools, Inc dba VirtualDesign.Com in the last 17 years;
Designed 3D illustrations for a computer based presentation for InFocus Systems' introduction of their first LCD based projection system. InFocus holds a major share of the market today.
In 1992 designed the 35mm slide show that Intel's Andrew Grove delivered to his national sales associates meeting introducing the System 2000 plan detailing Intel's microprocessor plans to the year 2000.
Modeled and animated a fly through of 30,000 sq. ft. Nintendo trade show booth proposed by Promotion Products, Inc. They won the contract for the 1996 CES show to do the $2.5 million dollar booth.
Designed the 35mm slide show presentation for Drake Construction, Inc.'s proposal for construction of the $35 million dollar Rose Quarter Arena for the Portland Trailblazers. They got the contract.
Designed and produced a CD-ROM based installation and maintenance training program for Perstorp Analytical that ships with each organic chemistry analytical unit sold. The CD obviates the need to fly an engineer out with each system to oversee the installation, thus saving thousands of dollars in collateral expenses.
Designed and produced a Point of Purchase CD-ROM based interactive demo for Crystal Lake's wave table based CCI music card, comparing FM synthesis and wave based music. Shortly after introduction they were purchased by Compaq and the card is now being OEM'd to Compaq as their installed music card.
Designed and produced a CD-ROM based multimedia display running on a 12 monitor video wall for Best Buy Department Stores. Running continuously in the computer departments, extolling the virtues of purchasing a larger monitor.
Designed and produced an interactive Demo CD-ROM for Asymetrix Corp. for marketing their new release of Multimedia Toolbook, CBT Edition 4.0. Featuring 3D Illustrations, software demos, sample applications and a CBT tutorial. (CBT = Computer Based Training)
VirtualDesign.Com in partnership with Northwest Training Resources, programmed and designed the interface for a interactive CD-ROM for Wacker Siltronic. The CD is a training aid for clean room gowning and operational procedures. The program was created using Asymetrix Toolbook 4.0 CBT edition.
Animated a 3D fly around of a proposed trade show exhibit for Lindsay West for presentation to Freightliner Corp. in an effort to win the nod to build it for the introduction of a radical new line of trucks.
VirtualDesign.Com has designed web sites for SoHoNW, Fire Mountain Foods, Yetti-Radventures,, Computer Bits Magazine, Sports Car Magazine, Offshore Solutions, Inc. The National Grange, Stewart Group Realty, Mascord Associates Design, Etherium Corporation and Forza Auto Detailing.
I have worked with numerous architects and engineers to help them visualize projects ranging from office buildings to airports. I have worked on many detailed illustrations for highly complex mechanical assemblies as well, utilizing the exploded isometric format to clarify the production and repair process.
My major focus has been on high resolution 3D animation and digital images for presentation and publication graphics. Building on my years of specializing in 3-D technical illustration, I have forged ahead on an ongoing exploration of 3D virtual reality design utilizing the latest technologies to create a wide range of virtual spaces.
Born in Redmond, Oregon in 1948, I grew up traveling all over the west coast. I first got into computer graphics in 1979, when I purchased an Apple II computer. And by 1981 I had scratch built my own Z80 based graphics system connected to a Xerox 6500 color laser copier. In 1985 I was introduced to 3D animation and full color graphics on the PC, and I was hooked forever.
My fine art computer graphic works and digital photography have been shown at :
The CyberGrafx Gallery 1997
The Bon Voyeur Gallery 1993
The Oregon Graduate Center Gallery 1991
The Abaci Gallery, 1988
Today's Graphics Gallery, 1980



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